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  • Mr Scorpio's House Fire
  • Speakerbox
  • High Grade from Titan Sound
  • Loosegroove
  • Discoflair Extraordinaire
  • Black Classical
  • Flipzilla
  • Pop Lock
  • Hero Records
  • If the Kids
  • Just Elemental Music
  • Trust In Dust
  • Groove Parlor
  • Pot Cover
  • Motherchip
  • The Carriage Clock
  • Go Bang!
  • Junk in the trunk
  • The Naughty Hellfire Club
  • Amplitude
  • Freerange
  • Essential Roodiments
  • Saturated Phat
  • Favourite Things
  • Eclecticism
  • Part Time Heroes
  • Bubblegum Beats
  • Jim‚Äôll mix it experience
  • Sabotage
  • Tunage
  • The Reframe
  • The Wrong Turn
  • The Sound of Leisure
  • The Wireless
  • Deep Down
  • Screams in the ears

Coming Up

Tranquility Bass Show 25





Anyone who says that there’s no good new music these days needs to take a listen to tonight’s show! Massive shout outs to Rob Pursey Davey Boy Smith DJ Yoda & Ben… More

The Show That Almost Was

CalmTNI had show all done for last week, but well… Stuff happens. Well, it’s playing today, 1PM ET 6PM GMT. Get with the delayed MUSIC ARSON!… More

Tranquility Bass Show 24





Another hour of bass drenched lunar flavoured musical madness best enjoyed at kidney shifting volume!

  • A Place Like This – Majid Jordan
  • The Pressure – Jhene Aiko
  • That’s How It Goes -