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  • Mr Scorpio's House Fire
  • Speakerbox
  • High Grade from Titan Sound
  • Loosegroove
  • Discoflair Extraordinaire
  • Black Classical
  • Flipzilla
  • Pop Lock
  • Hero Records
  • If the Kids
  • Just Elemental Music
  • Trust In Dust
  • Groove Parlor
  • Pot Cover
  • Motherchip
  • The Carriage Clock
  • Go Bang!
  • Junk in the trunk
  • The Naughty Hellfire Club
  • Amplitude
  • Freerange
  • Essential Roodiments
  • Saturated Phat
  • Favourite Things
  • Eclecticism
  • Part Time Heroes
  • Bubblegum Beats
  • Jim‚Äôll mix it experience
  • Sabotage
  • Tunage
  • The Reframe
  • The Wrong Turn
  • The Sound of Leisure
  • The Wireless
  • Deep Down
  • Screams in the ears

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Tranquility Bass Show 37

TranquilityBass75x75 It’s the fourth Monday of the month which can mean only one thing it’s time for another hour of the finest hip hop, R&B, electronica, house, UK garage, grime & jungle all mixed together for your aural pleasure. So pump up the… More

Because: MORE APRIL!

CalmTNThe theme for the early April HOUSE FIRE was because it’s April! Well the theme for today’s show is MORE APRIL! The month isn’t over, so let’s enjoy ! 1-3PM ET 6-8PM GMT… More

A Brand New HOUSE FIRE for APRIL today!

CalmTNThat’s right, get your musical arson on! Today Fri 3 Apr 2015 1-3 PM ET/6-8PM GMT

Bringing you some of the dopest Electronica, Hip-Hop and more!


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